A good makeup works as a good mood up lifter. The amount of charm that a red lipstick and mild make-up can add to a white salwar-kamiz can second to none. Well there are different make-up requirements for different occasions and moods. One can’t do a dark smokey eye makeup to go to the office! Also, one needs to learn about what makeup would suit their face based on the features and complexion. Our seminars help you on understanding what makeup would suit you on different types of occasions.

Dining Etiquettes

Having dining mannerism is very important. One needs to know how to use appropriate cutlery while eating food. Our seminars give a detailed understanding on dining etiquettes and protocols that help you be more presentable during mealtime.

Power Dressing

Once you are comfortable with your body, understand the colors that suit you and have bought the wardrobe and accessories that would get that x-factor out, it is time to understand the magic that dressing does to you. In these sessions our experts explain to you the different ways in which you can carry the outfits for different occasions. A pinch of glamour that you can add by mixing and matching etc.

Know Your Power Colors

Colors make a big difference! There are different colors that suit different occasions, seasons, persons, time of the day and it is very important to know what suits you the best. Just a few compliments and few favorites cannot make you fill your wardrobe with repetitive colors. Our team at VChic through seminar sessions help you find the perfect set of colors that will make you outshine.

Style Your Body Shape

Fashion is science and it is important to know about it more before trying out different combinations. Styling your body with the right kind of clothes, make-up, accessories, color etc. is very important. Our experts train you on identifying your body shape - rectangle, pear, triangle etc. and then recommending you the type of clothes coupled with right mix of accessories that will highlight your strengths.

Signature Style

Are you confused about how to create your unique style by way of dressing, communicating or expression? We at VChic through our seminars and sessions help you connect with yourself and let you bring out that unique quality which separates you from the rest, thus, making you the best.

Personal Shopping

Choosing your personal stuff at times is a big challenge. Resources are always limited but how to get the best out of it is important. One must be very careful while choosing wardrobe and accessories. You must have good fitting and well suiting clothes for all occasions. Always remember the dress must not hang on the body but follow the lines. It must accompany you all along your conduct. As they say when a woman smiles, your dress should smile with you. It is important that majority of your clothes suit the purpose in which you spend major part of the day. It goes without saying that your clothes should be within the budget, overspending or underspending will not solve the purpose. Our experts help you design your closet with the right mix suiting your profession, age, body etc. ensuring that are in sync with your lifestyle & personality and are within the budget.

Wardrobe Planning & Makeover

No one likes to see a cluttered or a monotonous wardrobe. If you have one like this, then it’s always impossible to dress yourself for any occasion. Through our seminar we explain to you on how to follow the three golden rules in wardrobe planning - Clean, alter or charity, replace your wardrobe! You follow these three steps and automatically all the unwanted things will be out of your wardrobe. After the wardrobe makeover we will teach you how to organize your clothes. One needs to organize clothes from light to dark and from short to, long in the wardrobe.

Body Language

Learn how to carry yourself with poise, elegance and panache. Body language matters a lot in the real world. Only if you are comfortable and confident in yourself will someone trust you. Our seminar sessions help you present and carry yourself better, thus making you create a great first impressions, thus boosting your motivation!